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Company Purpose

HW Photobooths will leave you with a lasting memory of your special occasion. Having a photobooth at your event will give you and your guests a glimpse into the fun that everyone is having and will provide a gathering place for people to socialize. Even while you and your guests are enjoying other aspects of your event, a photobooth provides you with the opportunity to capture those special memories to look back on!

About HW Photobooths

Our mission/vision is simple: To provide an array of photobooth options and personal touches, along with genuine service in which our customers can be confident. We’re here to help create memories!

About Us

We are a Husband and Wife team (did you catch that? – H-usband and W-ife) that created our sister company: HW House of Bounce & Party Rentals, while Wife was pregnant with our first child. The “Husband” and “Wife” nicknames stem back to the beginning of our relationship (which has been awhile!) where it started as “Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend” and eventually grew and evolved just as our relationship did. HW Photobooths transpired during another one of our long-winded walks while trying to get the baby to sleep and Husband talking everyone’s ear off about this, that and the other thing..

After launching HW House of Bounce & Party Rentals we wanted to expand into another area of events and party rentals! After a lot of conversations & ideas, we landed on photobooth rentals! Not only was this a popular idea amongst our friends and family, but it was also something that both Husband and Wife agreed on (which is a rare event!). This type of rental also lands close to Wife’s passion in weddings and hosting functions.

We are committed to delivering fun right to your event. Our customers can be confident that their rentals will be set-up on time, with no worries of last-minute cancellations. We pride ourselves on being professional and fair and are always here to answer any questions you might have.

We’re very excited to continue growing and evolving as a company & as a family! Just as we cherish our milestones together, we want the same for our customers, and very much appreciate that we get to be involved in people’s big days. We look forward to continued fun & adventure!

Ready to capture the magic? Text or call us today to secure your photo booth for that special occasion!

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